Mon1: Prof. Dr. Marco Gruteser - Sensing with Connected Vehicles
Mon2: Prof. Dr. Stefan Kowalewski - Validation of Automotive Software - Requirements, Architecture, Models, Code
Mon3: Work in progress
Mon4: Prof. Kalle Johansson - Road Freight Transport based on Heavy-Duty Vehicle Platooning

Tue1: Dr. Christian Kreiner - Do you really trust your Autonomous Car? Issues of Functional Safety
Tue2: Richard Mesnarz - Do you really trust your Autonomous Car? Issues of Functional Safety
Tue3: Work in progress
Tue4: Prof. Steffen Reith - On fast Authentication Methods for Security Applications in modern Cars

Wed1: Work in progress
Wed2: Brandon Schoettle - Road Safety with Self-Driving Vehicles
Wed3: Achim Przymusinski - Aspects for Model Based Development from first Concepts to Serial Applications
Social event

Thu1: Dr. Ulrich Lages - How can we evaluate Sensor Fusion Systems for HAD efficiently in Public Traffic?
Thu2: Work in progress
Hands-on lab

Fri1: Dr. Yu Yuan - Connected, Automated, Intelligent, Electric, and Electronic - The Future of Transportation and IEEE Standards
Fri2: Dr. Alexander Mattausch - Multi-Core, AUTOSAR and Safety: A challenging Environment for future Automotive ECUs
Fri3: Work in progress
Fri4: Prof. Marcel Baunach - Compositional Embedded Systems Design for Multi-Tasking and Multi-Core Environments

Work in Progress Sessions

14:00 - Roland Bauernfeind - GNSS Interference Mitigation Techniques in Intelligent Transportation Systems
14:15 - Saifullah Khan - Reliable Mid-Range Communication in Urban VANETs
14:30 - Michele Segata - Safe and Efficient Communications for Platooning
14:45 - Maytheewat Aramrattana - Cooperative Driving Scenarios in Driving Simulator
15:00 - Irfan Sljivo - Facilitating Reuse of Certification Artifacts Using Safety Contracts
15:15 - Michael Eberspächer - Advanced Diagnostic Concepts within a Connected Car Environment

14:00 - Ion Turcanu - Supporting ITS Applications Through Data Dissemination and Collection over VANET
14:15 - Marco Steger - IEEE802.11s Based Wireless Architecture for Automotive Wireless Software Updates
14:30 - Christian Krupizer - A Concept for Infrastructure-Aided and Self-Organized Platooning of Vehicles
14:45 - Prof. Dr.Ing. Denis Gingras - Research Activities and Project Examples at LIV (Laboratory on Intelligent Vehicles)
15:00 - Omar Tawffeeq Saleem Jaradat - Facilitating the Maintenance of Safety Cases
15:15 - Leo Selavo - Testbed for Connected Car Communication Evaluation

09:00 - Erfan Aria - Investigation of Automated Vehicle Effects on Driver's Behavior and Traffic Performance
09:15 - Stephan Baumgart - Achieving Functional Safety in Industrial Product Lines
09:30 - Fabian Mauroner - Hardware Resource Management in FPGA-based Multi-Core MCU Architectures
09:45 - Paul Fuxjaegar - A Software-Defined Radio Testbed for Car-to-X Communication Devices and Protocols
10:00 - Marcel Revfi - Challenges and Solution Approaches on Remotely Diagnosing and Updating the Networked Vehicle
10:15 - Renata Martins Gomes - AUTOSAR Multi-core OS: Issues to be solved

11:30 - Cristian Roman - MISA: Multiple Interface Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks in Intelligent Transport Systems
11:45 - Claro Antonio Noda Diaz - On the Scalability of Constructive Interference in Low-Power Wireless Networks
12:00 - Floriano Scioscia - Evolution of a Mobile Knowledge-Based System for On-Board Diagnostics and Car Driving Assistance
12:15 - João Miguel Pereira de Almeida - Dependable Wireless Communications for Infrastructured Vehicular Networks

14:00 - Karim Emara - Preserving Privacy in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks Safety Applications
14:15 - Florian Jomrich - Seamless Handover in Wireless Vehicular Communication Networks
14:30 - Mohammad Mahdi Moazzami - ORBIT: A Smartphone-Based Platform for Data-Intensive Embedded Sensing Applications
14:45 - Feihu Zhang - Probability Hypothesis Density (PHD) Filter for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
15:00 - Julia Nitsch - Autonomous Rescue Robot
15:15 - Nico Sassano - Wireless Battery Cell Sensors Advanced Measurement Functions